Communicating with Peers, Managers and Clients

This course will help you to improve your communication in face to face encounters, phone calls, emails, etc. It will allow you to communicate your message more effectively when speaking with your peers, clients or managers. It will also allow you to understand, more effectively, the message that your peers, clients or managers are sending to you.

Course Content

  • Your communication strengths
  • Create a clear compelling message
  • The importance of clear communication objectives
  • Types of communication objectives
  • Types of listening
  • Barriers to communication and to listening
  • Rambling, going off subject and diluting your message
  • Condensing your message and increasing its impact
  • How interpretation and assumption hinder communication
  • Taking responsibility for communication
  • Effective delivery, asking questions and seeking clarification

Course Outcomes

  • Stronger client relationships
  • Enhanced reputation of the organisation and the brand
  • Potential increase in bottom line profitability due to more effective communication
  • Enhanced employee satisfaction, confidence and motivation arising from increase in skills and knowledge


Eric Fitzpatrick

CEO of Ark Speaking & Training

Author of Persuade on Purpose



Members:€120 per person*

Non-members: €150 per person*

*Prices are subject to a decrease based on high booking demand



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