Competency Based Interview Training for Interviewers

This course will grant participants the skills to conduct thorough and effective competency based interviews.The training day will be highly interactive, engaging and will be delivered with an emphasis on learning in a challenging yet relaxed and enjoyable manner. The intervention will include a variety of learning methods including Role play interviews, activities, discussion, group exercises, etc. The training with be both facilitative, drawing on the knowledge of the attendees and instructional, providing knowledge as required.

The morning session will focus on the introduction of the skills and knowledge to conduct the interviews as effectively as possible. The afternoon will involve practical role plays to cement the learning.

Course Content

  • The objective of the interview – start with the end in mind
  • Recognising three types of competency based interviews
  • Understanding legislative issues as a board member
  • Creating a structured approach to competency based interviews
  • Key issues to cover including roles and responsibilities
  • The role of the chairperson
  • Questions – identifying effective questions
  • Questions – identifying ineffective questions
  • Working as a team
  • Identifying the key criteria for the interview
  • The attributes of the ideal interviewer
  • Recognising Bias and limiting its impact
  • Identifying your communication strengths and weaknesses
  • Weighting the competencies

Course Outcomes

  • To improve attendees competence and confidence in the area of Competency based Interviews.
  • To provide attendees with the skills and knowledge to make informed decisions as part of the interview process.
  • To provide attendees with the skills to communicate more effectively during the interview process.
  • To help attendees avoid interview mistakes that could have a negative impact of how their outcomes are received.


Eric Fitzpatrick

CEO of Ark Speaking & Training

Author of Persuade on Purpose



Members:€1200 for a maximum of 16 participants

Non-members: €1500 for a maximum of 16 participants



Available on request


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