Dealing with Challenging Incidents

These interactive programmes are designed to assist all employees including frontline staff, managers, principals, business owners and all other employers when dealing with difficult or challenging situations. It will improve knowledge and awareness of personal safety techniques. The methods and skills learnt in this programme will encourage staff to deal with situations with greater confidence enabling them to deliver in a more efficient way.


Course Content

  • The benefit of effective communication skills
  • Body language
  • Concepts of attitude and behaviour
  • Conflict Management
  • Risks and hazards

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate effective communication skills
  • Understand body language
  • Understand the concepts of attitude and behaviour
  • Differentiate between a risk and a hazard
  • Understand threat assessments



Alex Walsh

Director of Personal Safety Ireland Ltd

Senior Instructor 




€320 per half day (max. 20 people)

€640 per full day (max. 20 people)


€400 per half day (max. 20 people)

€800 per full day (max. 20 people)



Available on request

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