Professional Selling

This is a 3 day programme over 3 consecutive weeks. It is a comprehensive programme that links all the sales stages together. Each participant will learn new sales skills. They will also have the opportunity to present their sales and marketing message using the new skills they have learned. This ensures that the return on your investment in training is immediate. Participants will receive feedback and recommendations on their presentation.

Course Content

  • Customer Value Proposition

    Every business has something that is unique: sometimes we just don't recognise it.

  • Cold Calling

The aim of cold calling is simply to open dialogue, and possibly to make an appointment for further discussion. The key is to focus on a next step with your prospect. We will also examine the different cold calling techniques and their value.

  • Customer Loyalty

For any business to survive customer service is now a given. The key is Customer Loyalty. This module will look at ways to increase it.

  • Personal Selling

In this module we will look at the skills and attitudes that are required for personal selling. We will examine how open question selling wins business. We will look at a simple effective 2 step sale process that works. We will examine a set of questions to ask, to create an opportunity for engagement.

  • Presentation Skills

Dos & Don'ts
Dealing with the unexpected
The importance of preparation
  • Objection Handling & Closing the Sale

In this workshop we will look at how to welcome objections rather than fear them. We will learn an effective technique to deal with objections. We will also explore 8 closing techniques, that will suit your style of selling.

  • Personal Management & SMART Goals

Can we manage time? Sadly the answer is no. However we can manage ourselves. In this module we will look at how we spend our time and focus on what is important for our success. We will introduce a simple yet effective personal time management tool that will put structure on our day and week. We will also develop a set of SMART goals that will help keep us focussed on what we want to achieve.



Jo Collins, Managing Director of Sales Performance


Members: €960

Non-members: €1,200

(Daily rate, class intake of up to 8 people)


Available on request


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